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Brixton Crossfire


The beating heart of the Crossfire 500 is an all-new 486cc two-cylinder in-line engine with 35kW output. In the A2 segment, it goes right to the edge of the legally permitted performance spectrum.


Digital speedometer features fuel, high beam and turn signal indicators, neutral gear, odometer, clock, oil pressure, battery charge control, ABS system, coolant temperature alarm and gear display.

LED lights

State-of-the-art equipment includes LED running lights and LED turning signals.

Break system

Braking system from renowned Spanish manufacturer J. Juan, equipped with hydraulic discs (Ø 320 mm front and Ø 240 mm rear).

ABS system

The dual-channel ABS system from Bosch in version 9.1, weighing only 640 grams, ensures safe deceleration in dangerous situations. Bosch’s calibration to the vehicle’s specifications, such as centre of gravity, tyre rolling circumference, etc., means that the system is ideally adjusted to the Crossfire 500.


Kayaba/KYB, the experienced suspension engineers from Japan, have adjusted the suspension of the Crossfire 500 for optimum grip in every situation. In addition there is the possibility to adjust the up-side down fork in compression and the shock absorber in rebound and preload to your personal preference.

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